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Tuomas ”Tunna” Milonoff (born 24.02.1974) is Finnish director and screenwriter, best known from traveling series Madventures. In January 2009 Tuomas Milonoff and his Madventures partner Riku Rantala were selected as the Travel Persons of the Year by the Finnish Guild of Travel Journalists. The award, which has been given out since 1972, was presented in the Matka 2009 Nordic Travel Fair.

  • In Madventures's third seasons first episode Riku and his colleague Tunna travel to Tabatinga in Brazilian Amazon and have ayahuasca in guidance of a local shaman Don Francisco. "I knew all the time I was searching my subconscious. The most beautiful thing I saw was my own kid born. No actually, she was already two... Pretty tough, pretty intense. The most horrifying experience I could ever imagine to have. Pure hell."
  • "There were millions of visions, millions of thoughts and all those visions and thoughts I could process it all in just from 10 seconds to half a minute and I actually realised how unbelievable the capacity of the brain is...I was caught in a quite unpleasant loop. I was scanning my subconscious and I knew that I was in the depths of my subconscious. It was amazing what kind of things were stored in there from the childhood that I didn't even remember to have forgotten about...I understood that I had to have it so hard because gathering myself up after that was so purifying experience, a sort of catharsis, that I believe that I really needed it and I became much stronger person." Freely translated from the finnish DVD commentary track of the third seasons first episode.