Trey Anastasio

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Trey Anastasio is an American guitarist, composer, and vocalist most noted for his work with the rock band Phish.

  • "I've never had a bad experience -- maybe there are people who have -- with psychedelic drugs."
  • "I still like psychedelic drugs. I just never stopped liking them. I was in Moab, Utah last spring. I went camping out in the desert. I took acid out in the desert. It was incredible! Just as incredible as it's ever been. I usually get a lot of ideas and then go start writing music."
  • When I do these things, it's generally as a tool for music. To me, it all relates to music. Everything in my life, everything I do, I'm always thinking how can this make music. I get such deep, deep emotion from music that nothing moves me in that way. So if I ended up on some crazy night walking around Amsterdam hallucinating that giant sandworms are coming out of the canals, the next night as soon as I'm on stage I start trying to play the guitar like that. I probably started using effects in a different way the night after that, because I want the music to be able to do it. So I relate it to music.
That time in Moab--I was standing out in this desert with the Colorado River rushing by and I was looking out at all the plant life, the tiny, little, fragile ecosystem of the desert and looking up at the sky and these incredible stars. When I was making this album, I kept referring back to that in my mind, that moment, trying to create some of the soundscapes. If you look at a desert landscape like, everything fits together. It's perfect."