Steven John Wilson

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Steven John Wilson is a British musician, best known as the founder, lead guitarist, singer and songwriter of progressive rock band Porcupine Tree.

  • "The next project I did was the long Voyage 34 single, which was the first time I tried to do something very deliberately contemporary whilst still holding some of those seventies influences at the same time. Probably Voyage 34 is the time when I realized I could make a career out of this, that I realized I could fuse the past, the present and the future into one big chunk of new music rather than a slice of nostalgic pastiche. Although Voyage 34 opened a lot of new doors for me, it is probably the least commercial single of all time and I’ll tell you why. Not only was it very long but it was about LSD. So having LSD as a subject and being thirty minutes long there was no radio station that was going to play it."