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Simon Taylor-Davis is an English guitarist best known from the band Klaxons.

  • (Talking about drinking ayahuasca with Daniel Pinchbeck): “Me and Jamie [Reynolds] hung out with him a bit and went to stay with him in New York. Certainly his book 2012: The Return Of The Quetzacoatal was a big inspiration for a lot of the thinking behind this record.”
Simon is quick however to separate their experience with Pinchbeck from that of illicit rockstar indulgence:
“The fundamental thing is that what we’re doing with Daniel didn’t really have anything to do with drugs, it was very much a kind of ancient ceremonial event which we took part in with him. We’ve never written any music on drugs, for us being as sober and focused as possible, we work best that way”.
  • British electro-rockers Klaxons cured writer's block while working on the band's second album by enjoying a spiritual yoga session together under the influence of a hallucinogenic potion.
The musicians admit they struggled to complete work on their upcoming second record and nearly abandoned the project following a series of arguments and negative feedback from their record label bosses.
But founding members Jamie Reynolds and Simon Taylor-Davies found a cure by attending a special healing class in New York which uses an Amazonian ceremony and a potent drink, made from extracts from the ayahuasca plant, to help participants with their problems.
Reynolds tells Britain's The Sun, "Everybody goes to these sessions with questions. Mine was, 'How do I write this new album?' And it gave me the answer, 'You don't need anything just go and do it.' So we did.
"I saw a winged lizard ascending a spiral staircase at the top of which was a glowing white ball."
Taylor-Davies adds, "There had been tensions between us for a while. Circumstantial and personality-based things that had gone unconfronted. The session just connected us, gave us a new insight into each other and what we'd both been going through."