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Riku Rantala (born July 20, 1974) is a Finnish journalist, best known from traveling series Madventures. In 2008 Riku Rantala was selected as the best male TV-person in the finnish Kultainen TV (literally Golden TV) awards. In the same event Madventures won the best television programme of 2008 award. Both awards were decided in a vote by television viewers.

  • In Madventures's third seasons first episode Riku and his colleague Tunna travel to Tabatinga in Brazilian Amazon and have ayahuasca in guidance of a local shaman Don Francisco. "...Slowly because of the singing I could actually start to let loose. I was in a storm of visions and thoughts. But I felt just curious to watch those horrible things. They were not scaring me at all. The most horrifying part was seeing my mother dead and the body rottening also. It's natural, we all will die, I will die, everyone I love will die someday. I saw the shaman telling me that be brave and keep your head up. And I've always been a little bit shy person. In the mean time I also think about liberating myself from the necessity of being brave. That was actually the main thing. I could get rid of any necessity."
  • "By the end of the experience I had to go to the outhouse... The diarrea filled paper in my hand morphed into thousand asteroids and I was just thinking that this is pretty fucking far out." Freely translated from the finnish DVD commentary track of the third seasons first episode.