Rick Doblin

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Rick Doblin (born November 30, 1953) is psychologist and the president and founder of the Multidisciplinary Association for Psychedelic Studies (MAPS).

  • "In 1972, at age 18, I took LSD, which I previously had been led to believe would cause permanent and profound brain damage. Instead, I realized that LSD was an incredibly powerful (and therefore also risky) tool for personal growth, the scientific study of mind, as an adjunct to psychotherapy, for spiritual exploration, etc. I also realized that psychedelics, when used respectfully, could help people to have "mystical" experiences of unity that had positive political implications in terms of a greater sense of connectedness with, appreciation for and tolerance of "the other", minorities, our repressed shadow selves, and the environment."
  • "Looking around, I saw psychedelics being criminalized and psychedelic research being shut down, replaying Galileo and the Catholic Church. I figured that working toward fundamental social evolution through the renewal of psychedelic research and the creation of legal contexts for their responsible use was my greatest point of social leverage, which required major efforts toward drug policy reform. Since I was also a draft resister expecting to go to jail and never be able to be a licensed professional, the idea of a career as an underground psychedelic therapist/drug policy reformer seemed ideal."