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Richard Hell (born Richard Lester Meyers) is a singer, songwriter, bass guitarist, and writer. Hell is probably best known as frontman for the early punk rock band Richard Hell & The Voidoids.

  • I haven't done LSD or any other heavy psychedelic since I was in my twenties, except for psilocybin once or twice when a girl I liked turned out to have a mushroom bent. We ended up standing in makeshift scant costumes against opposite walls of the room, staring at each other and jerking off. (To revert to the poem/drug subject for a moment: the only deliberate drug poem I remember having a hand in was a collaboration done on mushrooms. We took turns at a typewriter, trying to spell "psilocybin." I still have that sheet of paper somewhere and it makes me feel a little stoned whenever I come across it.) I always craved sex when I was high on acid, but I think it was too exhausting. You don't want to be profoundly uncertain about what just happened and feel yourself disperse and clump and merge with an alien cohort and see your pulsing components glow and splotch, and be pierced by the significance of some new commonplace again and again, etc., etc., etc., multiple times with no respite or end in sight all that often. Things are complicated and demanding and confusing enough already. And anyway I mean "psychedelic orgasm" is kind of redundant.