Ralph Steadman

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Ralph Steadman (born 15 May 1936) is a British cartoonist best known for his work with American author Hunter S. Thompson.

  • "When illustrator Ralph Steadman hit the high seas in September 1970 to cover the America’s Cup with a new collaborator, journalist Hunter S. Thompson, he saw the writer taking numerous pills. So he asked if Thompson had anything to combat seasickness.
  • If it hadn’t been just their second time meeting, Steadman might have known better.
  • The pill Thompson gave him was LSD — marking the only occasion that the strait-laced Steadman has ever done the drug.
  • “I started to feel not only weird, but wanting to do something,” Steadman, 77, tells The Post.
  • Thompson had brought two cans of spray paint, and the tripping Steadman had the idea to paint something on the side of nearby boats. He decided on the phrase “F–k the Pope”"
- LSD trip with Hunter S. Thompson sparked artist’s famous career New York Post, April 19 2014