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Paul Simon is an American singer-songwriter, known for his success beginning in 1965 as part of the duo Simon & Garfunkel.

  • "Spirit Voices is really based on event that happened to me on a trip into the Amazon. We went to see a bruho. It's like a witch doctor, a spiritualist doctor. A witch doctor has the wrong connotation. His function was that he was a doctor, but he was treating people with herbs and prayers and chants - he wasn't saying take 2 aspirin and call me in the morning. It was traditional Indian medicine. We were on a boat and one of the engineers on the boat knew a little Indian village and knew a bruho maybe half a mile into the jungle or something. First he sang. He sand for a long time, chanted over different patients and he sang these beautiful melodies. They were amazon river melodies which I tried to remember but I couldn’t remember them.
  • Ah - and then they made up this brew called iawasco made out of roots and herbs which you drank and they said the anaconda will appear to you, know like a boa constrictor, and you will see that in a vision - don’t be alarmed it’s a vision and then you will be able to see into yourself and recognise whatever the illness is and so will the doctor. Then he asked my friend was there something that was ailing her, and she said that she had this problem, and he said he had a solution for the problem, and then, this is all through an interpreter, then he said was there something that was bothering me. But actually there wasn’t really anything that was bothering me except like my elbow was bothering me, so I said my elbow is really bothering me and he said that’s nothing".