Larry Bishop

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Larry Bishop (born November 30, 1948) is an American actor, screenwriter and movie director.

  • "I kept on thinking like, I did take some acid a long time ago in the 60's, they did say it would kick in unexpectedly at some point. Maybe this is the time because my brain kind of went into the area that I didn't—it was surreal! Normally you get into a situation where things can feel a little odd or a little funny, but my brain went Salvador Dalí the minute I started seeing it, and I'm like, it was the acid from 40 years ago that I took, because there's no other way… But the information was too much for me to assimilate in a normal fashion, so my brain just took it in and it just went with it. If you were to take drugs, which, in the late 60's, of course, that was the time everybody did it in my generation. What I always did was I took it with a girl that I trusted. A girl would always say, do you want to take something with the idea that she would take her clothes off eventually, so I figured how could I lose anyway."