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Jon Anderson is an English musician, best known as the lead singer of the progressive rock band Yes.

  • One of the clichés that seems to have stuck with Yes is that you're a drug band. What role have drugs played in making this music?
When Paul McCartney said he'd taken LSD I had to try it. And that's the way life is. You try stuff because you dream to be something you are not. You dream to grow, you dream to expand your horizons, you dream to become a supernova, anything other than what you are. That's what drugs will do. All the way through the '70s I was smoking marijuana, so was everybody in the band. It was part of our daily routine, it was part of our experience, it was part of our loosening up. Drugs have been done for thousands of years. It's a part of life. Like anything, if you drink too much water you drown.
I think there's a real tendency, especially in the United States, to dismiss the drive to take drugs, to seek intoxication or to expand beyond where we are...'s alright to get boozed up though isn't it? (Adds Anderson with spot-on sarcasm).
That's culturally sanctioned here.
Well, that's wrong.
I agree.
You can't have one and not the other. The Ying and the Yang of life, you've got to experience everything from hallucinogenic drugs to everything else. If you say you can't have that then, of course, you go and touch it. It's normal to want that experience. (They tell you) "I'm sorry you can't go over there where it's sunshiney," but you sneak over there. You don't want to stand in the rain all the time.
It's far less dangerous and far less nefarious than it's painted.
Well, you know and I know and the world knows that the drug companies are controlling the world at the moment. The amount of money spent on keeping everybody drugged is staggering. These big pharmaceutical companies are 20 billion dollar a year companies that are controlling the minds and hearts of everything.
What I find sad about is that the primary drug of choice is sedation.
Oh yeah!