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Jenny Lewis is an American singer, musician, and actress.

  • Jenny Lewis: "Well my experience with LSD... I'm no expert. I find the psychedelic universe to be absolutely terrifying. But I think I have a natural psychedelic perspective, and my friends are often tripping around me. I'm not one to kind of return to the universe. They find that my perspective is often trippier than their own. And maybe it's because of my unusual upbringing. I actually took acid for the first time when I was 14 or 15 years old and it culminated in a scene not unlike something from Fear and Loathing in Las Vegas—the scene where Hunter S. Thompson has to lock the lawyer in the bathroom. I sort of assumed the Hunter S. Thompson character and my friend, she had taken far too much, decided to pull a butcher knife out of the kitchen drawer and chase me around the house. So that was sort of the beginning and the end of that fateful trip.
  • "But in the song "Acid Tongue" I refer to going down to Dixie and dropping acid on my tongue. I'm not talking about the Mason-Dixon line. I’m referring to an elementary school in the San Fernando Valley called The Dixie Canyon where my friends and I took a pilgrimage on foot and ended up in the gates of this very strange elementary school."
  • Austin Scaggs: "These are different trips though, right?" JL: "Um, no this is one trip." AS: "This is the same one?" JL: "It's just that it lasted a lifetime. And actually at the end of that experience my mom was out of town on a trip of her own and she returned to find me about 5 lbs lighter and I had—I was so desperate to get back to normal I decided to drink an entire gallon of orange juice. I saw that it was in the fridge and decided that this would sort of flush the LSD out of my system, but I didn't realize that it did exactly the opposite."
  • AS: "It reactivated the LSD." "JL: "It did! I've never really returned entirely from that trip."