Jason Mraz

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Jason Mraz is an American singer-songwriter.

  • "Enter legendary producer Steve Lillywhite, the man behind U2’s and the Dave Matthews Band’s biggest records. “There were a couple of days where Steve could see I was getting exhausted,” Mraz recalls. “We were supposed to be experimenting, but he could tell I was running out of ideas, so he’d say, ‘Go smoke, come back in 15 minutes and let’s do this!’ Or, when we took weekends off, he would tell me on Friday night, ‘Take a big hit of LSD this weekend and come back on Monday with a fresh perspective.’ He was basically like my gonzo lawyer from Fear and Loathing.”"
  • When Jason Mraz was fresh out of high school, studying to be a musical-theater actor in New York, he had a life-changing revelation while listening to John Coltrane at a party. "It was the first time I ever did LSD, and it was the first time I ever really listened to jazz," says Mraz, 25. "Coltrane's sax sounded like a voice. I realized that's how I wanted my voice to be."