James Kent

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James Kent was formerly editor of Psychedelic Illuminations and publisher of Trip Magazine.

  • "I admit to using psychedelics recreationally because they're fun as hell, but my experimentation was always done with a very removed third-person analysis of what was going on in my head. I very rarely lost that meta-analytical part me, even in the most hardcore psychedelic trips. I mean, all kinds of crazy shit could be going on -- portals to other dimensions opening up, reflective ooze bubbling up from the floor, whatever -- and no matter how panicked or overwhelmed I would get there was always this calm, logical place in the back of my mind, a very dry and cynical part of me that would be like, "Oh, now I'm being eaten alive by plasma wasps. How odd. That was unexpected...""
  • "There is a sense that once you have that breakthrough psychedelic experience things are changed forever, you see the world with new eyes. That's the kind of thing I wanted to take a closer look at, to analyze if that's actually true or just one of those bogus psychedelic truisms. And if it is true, then what is it about the psychedelic experience that creates those feelings, and what kinds of things do you notice afterwards that you otherwise wouldn't have?" -- http://www.tripzine.com/listing.php?smlid=266