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John William "Jack" Carter, (born July 3, 1947) is an American businessman and politician. He is the eldest child of former President Jimmy Carter.

  • "And anyway, when I got to Idaho Falls, one of the things that the Navy did in the interest of maintaining the moral purity of its people was, they had a drug bust. And nobody actually caught me, some people had said that I had actually smoked marijuana with them. And when they came to ask me if that were true, I said that it was. Because it was. And also, threw in that I had had a couple of LSD tablets and some THC, just to make sure that if I was going to get – if I was on the borderline, to make sure I got out. And by the time they got all that processed, it was good enough. So they were busting me out of the Navy in a fairly mellow manner, about the time Dad was getting elected Governor of the state of Georgia [laughing]. But everybody just assumed at once that I got out because Dad was in there, and it never got to be a question"