Howard Stern

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Howard Stern is an American radio and media personality most notable for his radio show.

  • "I thank god that I didn't lose my mind the night I took four hits of blotter acid. And I know this OCD kicked in after the blotter acid, I know I was sick as a dog, and I know a chunk of my brain went out the window when I did this. If I could get any message out there to kids, I would say "Please don't take acid. I know you're gonna try pot, but don't take these horrible hard drugs. Because I'm telling you your brain will never recover. I'm convinced of this. And I took that acid, and after that I was so fucking crazy - that stupid movie came out, 2001: Space Odyssey. I took acid again. After that acid experience, and then the 2001 experience, it dawned on me that this wasn't going to be my life anymore. The 2001 was actually a good experience, because I only took the proper amount. I had overdosed [before]. Four is insane. I wanna see anyone take four and survive. They were going to take me to the hospital because I couldn't get my brain together. Couldn't see, couldn't do anything. I was on another planet."
  • "I overdosed, and my brain was on fire. I didn't sleep for days. I couldn't stop hallucinating. When I closed my eyes it got worse. I would go to read something - the letters would close up and dance away. It was scary. I was scared out of my mind. Thank god my roommate, he was there and held onto me for the night."
  • "That scared me so much that I realize something's wrong here. This is crazy!"
  • "You have to have this inner strenght that once you see the light, you cut it all out. Only a shithead would continue on in this fashion - when you see what it's doing to you. I stopped - I'm not a shithead."