Daniel Kottke

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Daniel Kottke is a U.S. computer engineer and the first official employee of Apple Inc.

  • "When I was a freshman in college, he carefully removes the wires from the back of his invention, "I would take psychedelics and sit by myself for a whole day. What I arrived at was that cosmic consciousness was a completely normal thing that one day everyone would arrive at, if they would just sit and think clearly.
  • Kottke, like many of the brilliant people at his home today, sees Cyberia as a logical result of psychedelics and rationality. "That's how I became friends with Steve Jobbs. We used to take psychedelics together and talk about Buddhist philosophy. I had no idea he was connected with Woz [Steve Wozniak] or selling blue boxes [telephone dialers that allow you to make free calls] at the time. We just talked about transcendentalism and Buddhism and listened to Bob Dylan. It must have been his alter ego." http://www.voidspace.org.uk/cyberpunk/cyberia.shtml