D.M. Turner

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D.M. Turner (born Joseph Vivian; 5 October 1962 – 31 December 1996) was an author, psychedelic researcher and psychonaut who wrote two books on psychoactives and entheogens.

  • "The only things I had to look forward to in life was a job and a career and a family and just going through the whole cycle. It just seemed like what everybody else was doing. And I looked at people around me. I looked at the people that taught the schools and around the government, and I looked at the type of work that my father did, and none of it really interested me that much. And when I first took psychedelics, I felt like I was admitted into a world of compassion and beauty and creativity. It was like nothing I had experienced in my regular life. And almost instantly that became the goal of where I wanted to be, sort of a direction that I wanted to move in.
  • "I think that what is very important with psychedelics is that they tend to show people what the right direction is. They show people these places of love, these places of beauty. Then people can make a decision. "OK, do I want to be there? Do I want to work towards that?"