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Chris Grosso is an author, independent culturist, spiritual aspirant, recovering addict, speaker, and professor with en*theos Academy.

  • "My first time taking LSD is something I'll never forget. It was the night of my sixteenth birthday, a weeknight, which meant I had school the next morning. I was a senior, and one of my close friends and I had set up our schedules for the year so that we didn't have to be in until third period. So we made a plan for him to spend the night at my house so we could drop acid. We'd already been drinking vodka and smoking pot in the mornings on our way to school, so I figured, why not.
  • "While today I am in recovery from active addiction and personally don't promote the use of drugs (though, to each their own), I do recognize and honor my first ay trip, and the countless subsequent trips I embarked on after that, as having a huge impact on the expansion of my consciousness. This may rattle some cages, but I do believe there can be positive (and, of course, negative) things that come with the use of certain drugs.
  • "I loved my LSD experience right from the start. I'll never forget the way it made my body feel—as though it were melting and yet warm, with all of my senses coming alive in a way that made pot seem like child's play. After roughly an hour from the time we'd taken the acid, I began to see visual effects, which were nothing short of brilliant. The swirling, pulsating nature of my sensory experience was, without my knowledge, the first glimpse of higher conscious-ness and ego unraveling that I would experience.
  • "My friend and I stayed up all night, and, as the hours passed, the visuals continued to intensify. As the early morning hours crept their way into the experience (which seemed to go on for months rather than hours), some semblance of normalcy began to return to me, and at the same time a part of me knew I'd never be the same again. Eventually it was time for us to head to school, so we decided to drop a couple more tabs of acid before leaving. I was feeling good and had been in the experience long enough at that point that I felt confident in my abilities to navigate more of it through school. It was only moments after arriving in class, however, that an announcement came over the loudspeaker, stating that all juniors and seniors would be going to the auditorium for a viewing of Schindler's List. Somehow, I'd totally spaced on the fact that they were going to be showing it to us that day, and it was obviously not what I'd wanted to hear. Seeing as though I was not in an entirely sound state of mind, however, it never occurred to me to just bail and go somewhere else. Thus, the one and only time I've ever seen Schindler's List was while I was engrossed in an epic acid trip, and it sucked.
  • "I made it through the film and the day (though it wasn't easy), and seeing as how my friend and I had survived such an ordeal, we decided to celebrate by—drum roll, please—taking more acid. Later that night, a friend was actually throwing a co-birthday party for myself and another friend, and we continued tripping well into the early hours of the following morning. So my first acid experience lasted a solid day and a half, and I was in love.
  • "While it may sound like I'm glorifying this experience, that's not my intention. Yes, it was fun (minus Schindler's List), but my goal here is to paint the picture for you that I was an addict from the very start. I mean, even as a kid I remember having very addictive eating habits, a behavior that obviously carried over to the way I used drugs in my later years.
  • "Little did I know ... little did I know. "
-Indie Spiritualist: A No Bullshit Exploration of Spirituality