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Brian R. Sewell (born 15 June 1931 in Market Bosworth, Leicestershire) is an English art critic and media personality.

  • "I smoked my fair share of cannabis, ate it in salads and home-baked cakes, and spent unending evenings in the company of art students in the wilder shores of London drifting into the intellectually incapacitated daze induced by bhang, dagga, grass, ganja, rama, shit and all the other names by which it went and of which they pretended the kind of connoisseurship now expended on mediocre wines in Islington. Swallowing LSD on sugar cubes, I surrendered to fantasies that made the paintings of Salvador Dalí in his prime seem the poor, pale, pedestrian inventions of a plodding mind. In New York I joined the languid throng that lay at Warhol's feet."
- The decade that art forgot (from Naked Emperors by Brian Sewell) - London Evening Standard, 27 September 2012.
  • "LSD? That's for people of my age. It's wonderful."
- Sport on TV: Brian Sewell's big acid tip – don't drip it into your eyeballs - The Independent, 15 September 2007.