Andy Williams

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Andy Williams is an American pop singer.

  • "So I went up there and under those specific, controlled conditions I did the LSD. I couldn’t have told you, at the time, what I got out of it exactly, except that when I got through with it I really began to feel that not too many things were really that important. Just a few things like your children, honour, integrity and faith. But all the rest suddenly struck me as bullshit and learning that, through LSD, did help me a lot. So at this stage in my life nothing bothers me very much. I don’t get upset when people gossip about me, don’t like my work. Things like that just aren’t that important."
  • "It was interesting," the Moon River crooner said. "You go back and see yourself being born, see yourself pooping in your diapers, you go through a lot of stuff. It changed me - I came out realizing that the only things important to me were family, friends and love. Maybe that's why I'm so cool."
  • "I experienced the things that most people did when taking psychedelic drugs – the intensely heightened senses, the beauty of colours and sounds, the contrasting phases of feeling. One moment, I would feel like I was a lord of the cosmos, the next I would be focused on a microscopic detail – a coloured thread fluttering in the breeze, or specks of dust hanging in the air."
  • LSD gave me powerful feelings of euphoria – some sex-related – but also a sense of fear and despair. During one session I was even born again – not in the evangelical sense, but in believing I was experiencing the very painful physical sensations of birth."
  • "I’m not sure if LSD did me any good, but one thing did come out of my stay at the clinic."