Sarah Silverman

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Sarah Silverman is an American comedienne, writer, actress, singer, and musician.

  • "I used to like all that stuff, mushrooms, acid. I think I was high from nineteen to twenty-one years old. It was the best time. I remember the first time I tripped, in Washington Square Park [in New York]. All of a sudden we heard explosions and we thought we were at war -- we forgot it was July 3rd. We went to a cafe and got hot chocolate with all these homeless people who we had made friends with.
  • Finally we got back to my apartment, which was painted dark purple to match my bong. We got on my bed, and my friend started freaking out a little. I had strawberries on my sheets, and I was like, 'It's all right, let's just go strawberry picking,' and he was like, 'It is all right.' Joe Jackson's 'A Slow Song' was playing at that very moment. And then we listened to Squeeze Singles for the rest of the day, and we played in the shower with our clothes on." She shakes her head. "God! We were so free."