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Dr. Andrew Weil is an American author and physician, best known for establishing and popularizing the field of integrative medicine.

  • "I took LSD," he says. "I was in a wonderful outdoor setting. I felt terrific and, in the midst of this, a cat came up to me and crawled into my lap. I did not have an allergic reaction to it and I never did since." Weil says that some allergies are learned. "That gave me the idea that [taking LSD] would be a great way to teach people to unlearn allergies," he says. "If the drugs were legal, I think I would recommend that some patients do it."
  • "One of the things we've done foolishly is that we've made these drugs intensely interesting to young people by forbidding them and exaggerating their dangers. And it's very interesting to be in a culture where there's zero curiosity on the part of kids about these substances, and in that tribe there were no laws regulating that usage. There was a group consensus, a process of social learning."