Steve Roach

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Steve Roach (born February 16, 1955) is an American composer and performer of ambient, electronic music and tribal-ambient music, whose recordings are also classified in the genres of space, drone, and new-age. Roach is recognized as one of the "leading innovators of contemporary electronic music."

  • "In my early days the influence from turning the lights on and off quickly, the way psychedelics do helped play a part of my self discovery and deeper understandings of the power of sound. I have always been more interested in sound and music itself as the “medicine” and my aim for years is to create music that by itself alters the sense of time and personal space. I know that the need to alter consciousness is a birthright to humans. For me music and sound is a reliable and relatively safe way to activate the brain’s natural drug store house. One of my favorite quotes by Salvador Dali was “I don’t need to do LSD, I am LSD”."
- Chain D.L.K. Jun 02 2003
  • "I spent a lot of time in the desert and mountains, exploring different states of mind. With the assistance of the right psychedelics, these types of places can give you a lot."
- Aural Archaeology Alternative Press, October 1995