Jessica Hagedorn

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Jessica Tarahata Hagedorn (born 1949) is an American playwright, writer, poet, and multimedia performance artist.

  • (Talking about Ron Vawter's stage portrayal of Roy Cohn): "You’d look at us, and it was as if we were in complicity with your lie. It reminded me of being on LSD—you come down for a moment and all of a sudden, you’re looking at yourself. You were as Roy Cohn, making this speech, and then you’d go off to one corner and wipe the sweat off your face; and that was the real Roy. It was this moment of truth and fear. And then you’d put the mask back on. Maybe what I mean is, what I saw in your face was like looking at someone on acid. You let us “see” Roy Cohn—disguised and undisguised."
  • "Thank god for acting and LSD. "