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The People on Psychedelics wiki is a collection of quotations concerning psychedelics.



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People On Psychedelics in alphabetical order



Kareem Abdul-Jabbar May 2014-thumb.jpg Abdul-Jabbar, Kareem basketball player, actor, author, ambassador
Anon100.jpg Abraham, Ralph mathematician
Anon100.jpg Abrams, Isaac artist
Anon100.jpg Allende, Isabel writer
Anon100.jpg Allin, G.G. musician
Anon100.jpg Amos, Emil musician
Anon100.jpg Amos, Tori musician
Anon100.jpg Anastasio, Trey musician
Anon100.jpg Anderson, Jon musician
Anon100.jpg Artaud, Anton playwright, poet, actor, theatre director
Anon100.jpg Attell, Dave comedian


Anon100.jpg Bageant, Joe writer
Anon100.jpg Bailey, Bill comedian, musician, actor
Anon100.jpg Balaban, Judy actress
Anon100.jpg Ballard, J.G. writer
Anon100.jpg Banhart, Devendra musician, artist
Anon100.jpg Barlow, John Perry poet, author, political activist, internet activist
Anon100.jpg Basquiat, Jean-Michel artist
Anon100.jpg Bellamy, Matthew musician, composer
Anon100.jpg Bishop, Larry actor, screenwriter, film director
Anon100.jpg Black, Lewis comedian, author, actor, social critic
Anon100.jpg Blackmore, Susan author, lecturer, broadcaster
Anon100.jpg Bourdain, Anthony chef, author
Anon100.jpg Boy George musician
Anon100.jpg Brand, Stewart author, futurist
Anon100.jpg Buckley, Richard poet
Anon100.jpg Burroughs, William S. author, artist
Anon100.jpg Butler, Paul musician


Anon100.jpg Cage, Nicolas actor, producer, film director
Anon100.jpg Carlin, George comedian, actor, author
Anon100.jpg Calvert, Robert singer, writer, poet
Anon100.jpg Cannon, Dyan actress, director, screenwriter, editor, producer
Anon100.jpg Carolla, Adam radio and television host, comedian, actor
Anon100.jpg Carradine, David actor, director, martial artist, musician
Anon100.jpg Carroll, Linda author
Anon100.jpg Carter, Jack businessman, politician
Anon100.jpg Clark, Walter Houston professor of psychology of religion
Anon100.jpg Clinton, George singer, songwriter, music producer
Anon100.jpg Clokey, Art animator
Anon100.jpg Clooney, George actor, film director, producer, screenwriter
Anon100.jpg Cobain, Kurt singer, songwriter, musician
Anon100.jpg Coburn, James actor
Anon100.jpg Cohen, Leonard musician, poet, novelist
Anon100.jpg Cohen, Sidney psychiatrist, LSD researcher
Anon100.jpg Coltrane, John saxophonist, composer
Anon100.jpg Cope, Julian musician, author, antiquary, musicologist, poet
Anon100.jpg Copeland, Gary governor candidate
Anon100.jpg Coyne, Wayne singer, guitarist, songwriter
Anon100.jpg Crumb, Robert artist, illustrator


Anon100.jpg Dass, Ram spiritual teacher
Anon100.jpg Davis, Adelle nutritionist
Anon100.jpg Dirnt, Mike musician
Anon100.jpg DJ Spooky musician, producer, author
Anon100.jpg Doblin, Rick psychologist
Anon100.jpg Doren, Mamie van actress, model, singer
Anon100.jpg Doughty, Mike singer, songwriter, author
Anon100.jpg Drake, Betsy actress, writer, psychotherapist
Anon100.jpg Dyer, Geoff writer


Anon100.jpg Eisner, Bruce writer, psychologist
Anon100.jpg Eichhorn, Dennis P. writer
Anon100.jpg Ellis, Dock athlete
Anon100.jpg Ellis, Havelock physician, writer, social reformer
Anon100.jpg Erickson, Roky singer, songwriter, musician
Anon100.jpg Fellini, Federico film director, screenwriter
Anon100.jpg Ferriss, Tim writer, entrepreneur, investor, public speaker
Anon100.jpg Fisher, Carrie actress, artist, screenwriter, novelist
Anon100.jpg Fonda, Peter actor
Anon100.jpg Foucault, Michel philosopher, social theorist, historian, critic
Anon100.jpg Franken, Al politician, comedian, writer, political commentator, radio host, senator
Anon100.jpg Frey, Glenn musician, singer, songwriter, producer, actor
Anon100.jpg Friedman, Robert founder and chairman of Ivanhoe Mines
Anon100.jpg Fry, Stephen comedian, actor, writer, presenter, activist


Anon100.jpg Garcia, Jerry musician
Anon100.jpg Gates, Bill business magnate, investor, philanthropist, author, chairman of Microsoft
Anon100.jpg Gilmore, John one of the founders of the Electronic Frontier Foundation, the Cypherpunks mailing list, and Cygnus Solutions
Anon100.jpg Gira, Michael musician, author, artist
Anon100.jpg Giraud, Jean comics artist
Anon100.jpg Goodman, George economist, author, economics commentator
Anon100.jpg Gorrell, Brandon Scott writer, blogger
Anon100.jpg Graña, Rolando journalist
Anon100.jpg Grant, Cary actor
Anon100.jpg Greene, Robert author, speaker
Anon100.jpg Grey, Alex artist
Anon100.jpg Grey, Allyson artist
Anon100.jpg Grohl, Dave musician, singer, songwriter
Anon100.jpg Grosso, Chris author, independent culturist, speaker, professor


Anon100.jpg Hagedorn, Jessica poet, storyteller, musician, playwright, multimedia performance artist
Anon100.jpg Hagman, Larry actor, producer, director
Anon100.jpg Hall, Tommy musician
Anon100.jpg Hancock, Graham writer, journalist
Anon100.jpg Hardy, Dan martial artist
Anon100.jpg Haring, Keith artist, social activist
Anon100.jpg Harris, Sam writer, neuroscientist
Anon100.jpg Harrison, George guitarist, singer-songwriter, film producer
Anon100.jpg Heaney, Francis author, puzzle writer, editor, composer, lyricist
Anon100.jpg Heard, Gerald historian, science writer, educator, philosopher
Anon100.jpg Hedberg, Mitch comedian
Anon100.jpg Heffter, Arthur pharmacologist, chemist
Anon100.jpg Hell, Richard singer, songwriter, bass guitarist, writer
Anon100.jpg Herbert, Frank science fiction author
Anon100.jpg Herbert, Kevin computer programmer, software designer
Anon100.jpg Hicks, Bill comedian, social critic
Anon100.jpg Hinds, Brent guitarist, singer
Anon100.jpg Hofmann, Albert chemist, author
Anon100.jpg Huxley, Aldous author, editor


Anon100.jpg Iggy Pop singer, songwriter, musician, actor
Anon100.jpg Jackson, Philip athlete
Anon100.jpg Jobs, Steve businessman, inventor
Anon100.jpg Jodorowsky, Alejandro filmmaker, playwright, actor, author, comics writer, spiritual guru
Anon100.jpg Johnson, Paul actor, Andy Warhol's Factory group member
Anon100.jpg Jünger, Ernst writer


Anon100.jpg Kapor, Mitch entrepreneur, investor, social activist, philanthropist, one of the founders of Electronic Frontier Foundation, founder of Lotus Development Corporation
Anon100.jpg Kelly, Scott guitarist, singer
Anon100.jpg Kennedy, Robert F. politician, senator, activist
Anon100.jpg Kenney, Leo painter
Anon100.jpg Kent, James editor, publisher
Anon100.jpg Kesey, Ken author
Anon100.jpg Kid Rock singer-songwriter
Anon100.jpg Kilmister, Lemmy singer, bass guitarist
Anon100.jpg Kleps, Arthur psychologist
Anon100.jpg Kottke, Daniel computer engineer
Anon100.jpg Kounen, Jan film director, producer
Anon100.jpg Krassner, Paul writer, journalist, comedian, editor
Anon100.jpg Kubrick, Stanley film director, writer, producer, photographer


Anon100.jpg Lady Gaga singer, songwriter, actress, record producer, activist
Anon100.jpg Laing, R. D. psychiatrist
Anon100.jpg Lancaster, Mark artist, set designer
Anon100.jpg Laswell, Bill bassist, producer, record label owner
Anon100.jpg Leary, Timothy writer, psychologist, futurist
Anon100.jpg Lehrer writer, journalist, speaker
Anon100.jpg Lennon, John musician
Anon100.jpg Lewis, Jenny singer, musician, actress
Anon100.jpg Lisberger, Steven film director, producer
Anon100.jpg Livingstone, Daniel economist
Anon100.jpg Lohan, Lindsay actress, model, singer
Anon100.jpg Love, Courtney musician, actress
Anon100.jpg Luce, Clare playwright, editor, journalist, ambassador, socialite, congresswoman
Anon100.jpg Lyon, Amber journalist, photographer


Anon100.jpg Maia, Tim musician
Anon100.jpg Manson, Marilyn musician, artist, journalist
Anon100.jpg Manzarek, Ray musician, singer, producer, film director, writer
Anon100.jpg Marino, Frank guitarist
Anon100.jpg Marshall, Marion actress
Anon100.jpg Maslow, Abraham psychologist
Anon100.jpg Matisyahu musician
Anon100.jpg Matthiessen, Peter novelist, naturalist, wilderness writer, CIA agent
Anon100.jpg Mayhew, Christopher politician, Baron
Anon100.jpg McKenna, Dennis ethnopharmacologist, author
Anon100.jpg McKenna, Terence philosopher, psychonaut, researcher, teacher, lecturer, writer
Anon100.jpg McPhee, Katharine singer, songwriter, actress, model, television personality
Anon100.jpg Midgette, Allen actor, painter
Anon100.jpg Milonoff, Tuomas producer, screenwriter
Anon100.jpg Mirren, Helen actor
Anon100.jpg Mitchell, Silas Weir physician, writer
Anon100.jpg Moby musician, DJ, photographer
Anon100.jpg Mooney, James anthropologist
Anon100.jpg Moore, Alan writer
Anon100.jpg Morea, Ben activist
Anon100.jpg Morrison, Grant comic book writer, artist
Anon100.jpg Mraz, Jason singer-songwriter
Anon100.jpg Mullis, Kary biochemist, author, lecturer, Nobel laureate
Anon100.jpg Murdoch, Iris author, philosopher


Anon100.jpg Nicholson, Jack actor, film director, producer
Anon100.jpg Nin, Anaïs writer
Anon100.jpg Nisenson, Eric author, jazz historian
Anon100.jpg Noé, Gaspar director, screenwriter
Anon100.jpg Nolte, Nick actor, film producer, former model
Anon100.jpg Norris, Kathleen novelist


Anon100.jpg O'Brien, Edna novelist, memoirist, playwright, poet, short story writer
Anon100.jpg O'Rourke, P. J. political satirist, journalist, writer
Anon100.jpg Okereke, Kele singer, guitarist
Anon100.jpg Osbourne, Ozzy singer, songwriter
Anon100.jpg Osho mystic, spiritual teacher
Anon100.jpg Oswalt, Patton comedian, writer, actor


Anon100.jpg Parker, Trey animator, screenwriter, director, producer, voice artist, musician, actor
Anon100.jpg Peacock, Gary jazz double-bassist
Anon100.jpg Peart, Neil musician, writer
Anon100.jpg Pendell, Dale author
Anon100.jpg Perrin, Jim rock climber, travel writer
Anon100.jpg Pesce, Mark author, researcher, engineer, futurist, teacher
Anon100.jpg Pink singer, songwriter
Anon100.jpg Piper, Adrian artist, philosopher
Anon100.jpg Polanski, Roman director, producer, writer, actor
Anon100.jpg Presley, Elvis musician, actor
Anon100.jpg Presley, Priscilla actor, business magnate


Anon100.jpg Rantala, Riku journalist
Anon100.jpg Rather, Dan journalist, news anchor
Anon100.jpg Redding, Noel guitarist
Anon100.jpg Rettig, Tommy actor, computer software engineer, author
Anon100.jpg Reynolds, Jamie musician
Anon100.jpg Rich, Adam actor
Anon100.jpg Richards, Keith musician
Anon100.jpg Righton, James musician
Anon100.jpg Robbins, Tom writer
Anon100.jpg Roach, Steve ambient musician
Anon100.jpg Rogan, Joe comedian, actor
Anon100.jpg Rushkoff, Douglas media theorist, writer, columnist, lecturer, graphic novelist, documentarian
Anon100.jpg Rutterford, Alex director, graphic designer


Anon100.jpg Sacks, Oliver biologist, professor of neurology and psychiatry, writer
Anon100.jpg Santana, Carlos guitarist
Anon100.jpg Sartre, Jean-Paul philosopher, playwright, novelist, screenwriter, political activist, biographer, literary critic
Anon100.jpg Schneider, Maria actress
Anon100.jpg Self, Will author, journalist, television personality
Anon100.jpg Sessa, Ben psychiatrist, doctor, writer
Anon100.jpg Sewell, Brian art critic, media personality
Anon100.jpg Shaviro, Steven cultural critic
Anon100.jpg Sheldrake, Rupert writer, speaker, researcher
Anon100.jpg Sherinian, Derek keyboardist
Anon100.jpg Shirley, John writer
Anon100.jpg Silva, Alan double bassist, keyboard player
Anon100.jpg Silverman, Sarah comedian, writer, actress, singer, musician
Anon100.jpg Simmons, Russell entrepreneur
Anon100.jpg Simon, Paul singer-songwriter
Anon100.jpg Sklar-Weinstein, Arlene artist
Anon100.jpg Slick, Grace singer-songwriter
Anon100.jpg Smith, Huston author, professor
Anon100.jpg Spheeris, Penelope director, producer, screenwriter
Anon100.jpg Spreckels, Bunker surfer
Anon100.jpg Sprinkle, Annie former prostitute, stripper, pornographic actress, television host, editor, writer, film producer, performance artist, sex educator
Anon100.jpg Stanhope, Doug comedian
Anon100.jpg Steadman, Ralph cartoonist
Anon100.jpg Stern, Howard radio and media personality
Anon100.jpg Stiller, Ben comedian, actor, writer, film director, producer
Anon100.jpg Sting musician, actor
Anon100.jpg Stone, Matt screenwriter, producer, voice artist, musician, actor
Anon100.jpg Stone, Oliver film director, screenwriter
Anon100.jpg Strummer, Joe musician
Anon100.jpg Skynner, Robin pilot, psychiatric innovator, writer


Anon100.jpg Taipale, Vappu doctor of medicine and surgery, ex-health officer
Anon100.jpg Tarantino, Quentin film director, screenwriter, producer, cinematographer, actor
Anon100.jpg Tarcher, Jeremy publisher
Anon100.jpg Taylor-Davis, Simon musician
Anon100.jpg Thompson, Hunter S. writer, journalist
Anon100.jpg Thompson, Caroline novelist, screenwriter, film director, producer
Anon100.jpg Toback, James screenwriter and film director
Anon100.jpg Tolle, Eckhart writer, public speaker, spiritual teacher
Anon100.jpg Torgoff, Martin author, documentarist
Anon100.jpg Trudeau, Margaret author, actress, photographer, talk show hostess; former wife of the late Pierre Trudeau, the 15th Prime Minister of Canada
Anon100.jpg Turner, D.M. author, psychedelic researcher, psychonaut


Anon100.jpg Wainwright III, Loudon songwriter, folk singer, humorist, actor
Anon100.jpg Walden, Patricia yoga teacher
Anon100.jpg Wallace, Bob programmer, activist, philanthropist, online drug guru
Anon100.jpg Watts, Alan philosopher, writer, speaker
Anon100.jpg Vawter, Ron actor, founding member of The Wooster Group
Anon100.jpg Weil, Andrew author, physician
Anon100.jpg Williams, Andy singer
Anon100.jpg Williams, Esther competitive swimmer, actor
Anon100.jpg Williams, Robbie singer-songwriter, musician, record producer, multi-instrumentalist
Anon100.jpg Williams, Robin actor, comedian, voice actor, film producer, screenwriter
Anon100.jpg Wilson, Bill co-founder of Alcoholics Anonymous
Anon100.jpg Wilson, Colin philosopher, writer
Anon100.jpg Wilson, Robert Anton author, novelist, philosopher, essayist, editor, playwright, futurist, civil libertarian
Anon100.jpg Wilson, Steven musician
Anon100.jpg Witkiewicz, Stanislaw Ignacy poet, playwright, novelist, painter, photographer, philosopher


Anon100.jpg Yates, Dorian bodybuilder


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